Fairs/ Shows

BW Final Drive is here to assist your fair/ show through the auction process. Each fair has multiple options to choose from on how to use our services.

  • Live Auctions
  • Add On's
  • Live Broadcast

Listen to Auctioneer Roger Hunker talk about BW Final Drive

Each fair can choose which options and combinations they would like to use. We have done a lot of different combinations for numerous fair across the country. A few fairs have done the following:  

  • Live auction of all Exhibitors projects with BW Final Drive -Add On’s online for the following 3-5 days
  • Sale of Champions Live Auction with BW Final Drive - Add On’s for all other exhibitors L
  • ive Auction with BW Final Drive - Live broadcast and live online bidding with BW Final Drive - Add On’s  for the following 3 days after sale
  • BW Final Drive - Online Only Auction for back to farm feeder calf auction.

Add On's

  • Those desiring to assist individual exhibitors through financial donations may place “Add Ons” on specific lots. These Add On monies will be credited to the youth exhibitor less applicable sale expenses. There is no transfer of ownership implied to any lot by placing “Add Ons” on a lot. Add Ons are to be strictly considered a gift to the youth exhibitor.
  • Buyer will type in their offer and submit it
  • Buyers Company Name will be listed on the individual lot under the “Add On” Tab
  • At the time of placing an Add On, buyer may choose to remain anonymous by checking the box.
  • If buyer chooses to list as anonymous the public will not see who gave that amount. We will share that with the Sale management who then will give to the youth exhibitors
  • Breeders World Final Drive can collect these funds as well.

Online Auctions

  • Bidders compete for Premium bid similar to traditional live Youth Auctions
  • Fairs choice

    • Buyer DOES NOT get possession- Premium Only
    • Buyer gets possession – Buyer gets the animal or carcass
  • NEW- Buyers Name will be listed on the sale site not just a buyer number
  • Can add “Add On” to this option

Broadcast / Simulcast

  • Allow live bidding in conjunction with your live auction.
  • Live video feed
  • Live audio feed
  • Live bidding screen
  • Can allow Add On’s to these lots
  • Clean easy to view website

BW Final Drive Team will provide

  • Simple format for submission of lot info
  • Simple clean website
  • Buyers Invoice- via email and through online account
  • Clerking of Live Auction

    • Ability to show screens with last lot buyer info and current lot selling
    • Onsite Invoices to buyers along with email copy
    • Co buys can be split by set amounts or %
  • Complete report of all lot info
  • Summary sheet for each exhibitor with buyer contact info
  • Provide “How to Market your project via Social” hand out to Sale Committee to share with exhibitors

Fair/ Sale committee to provide

  • Excel list of each lot to be listed
  • Sale order of lots to be sold
  • Buyers catalog of lots being sold


  • Per agreement between show/ fair and Breeders’ World
  • Breeders World will collect funds but Fair may collect if they choose
  • Net proceeds will be distributed to show/ fair for further distribution to youth exhibitors per standard show/ fair terms

Fair/ Shows are in control

  • Breeders World is here to work with each fair/show per their guidelines
  • Fair/ Show determines exhibitor qualification to enter  auction

Additional Resources

  • BW can supply an online form for buyers to select processor options – Can even limit number of slots per processor and species
  • BW can offer form to gather lot entry info and photos

Experienced Team

  • Breeders World has been conducting Online Livestock Auctions since 2005
  • First company to offer Online Cattle, Sheep and Goats.
  • Sold millions of dollars of livestock coast to coast and Canada
  • Owner has been licensed auctioneer since 1988

What our buyers say!

  • “Well organized and easy to access! “
  • “Ease of putting add-ons “
  • "Easy to bid. 1st time bidder “
  • “It ended up better than I thought because small donations add up. “
  • “Could donate the amount I wanted to spend on each family members projects and do it on my time.  Have not participated in the actual auction at the fair for many years. “
  • “This was honestly the easiest Add On system I dealt with this year. “