Sharp / Heiden Family Fund
Start Time:10/1/2022 3:59:00 AM
End Time:10/1/2022 3:59:00 AM
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The Geauga 4H and Berkshire communities suffered a devastating loss on September 8 when there was a house fire and, tragically, Chloe Sharp and her mother, Katie Heiden, passed away.  Chloe was a member of Breeders & Feeders 4H club and a 4th grader at Burton Elementary School.
We are asking for our community to pull together to help Chloe and Katie's family during this difficult time.  100% of all donations will go to an account at Geauga Credit Union that was setup for the family.

Type of Sale:Add on ONLY- Donation to exhibitor no possession
Seller Contact:567-214-4081
Russell Disposal Ltd$100.00
Little Ireland Farms Llc$100.00
Abbie Logan$100.00
King and Ivans Law$100.00
Avery Trudick$50.00
Elizabeth Szuhay$100.00
Hillary Olderman$25.00
WH Farm Designs$25.00
Jennifer Ross$50.00
Deliereous Farms$100.00
Kelly Dingman$100.00
Needscape LLC$10.00
Lisa Briggs$50.00
Tina Sestak$50.00
MISCO Refractometer$1,000.00
Koerlin Family Farm$100.00
Eve Noel Ahrens$50.00
Bob an Kim Levar$150.00
Kim Sutter$100.00
F-n-B Acres$25.00
Flowers by Emily$500.00
Brenda Osburn $25.00
Brian Holland$25.00
Todd & Brenda Hornak$500.00
Wendy Anderson$50.00
Chris Goodall$75.00
Lauren Rose$20.00
Serenity Stone Masonry $25.00
Bridget Pobuda$50.00
Seldom Seen Farm$100.00
JMB Car Repair Services $100.00
Janice Shipman$50.00
Elizabeth Evans$25.00
Tina Adams $50.00
Erica Myers$100.00
Geauga County Farm Bureau$250.00
Deborah Koch$50.00
Amanda Yingling$100.00
heather argo$50.00
Rhonda Spieth$100.00
Mother Hen Farm$100.00
Jennifer Chase$50.00
Natalie Christie$50.00
Heather Ulatowski $50.00
Ohio Wholesale Liquidation & Surplus, LLC$500.00
Tanya Klingman $75.00
Lorrie Beil$50.00
Melinda Bond$25.00
Nancy Ivans$50.00
Annie Darone$50.00
Hillary Olderman$25.00
A Lee Knicely$50.00
Robert Sylak$100.00
Liza M Warner$100.00
Curtis Morrow$50.00
Leslie Smetana$1,000.00
Mary Beth and Ed Rumburg$100.00
Red Barn Farm - Stumph Family$50.00
Mary Madeja$100.00
Ray & Rachel Hutchinson$50.00

SPECIAL PAYMENT TERMS: Unless prior arrangements have been made, all credit cards on file will be charged at the conclusion of the auction.

ADD ONS: Those desiring to assist individual youth exhibitors through financial donations may place “Add-ons” on specific lots. These add on monies will be credited to the youth exhibitor less applicable sale expenses. There is no transfer of ownership implied to any lot by placing “add-ons” on a lot. Add-ons are to be strictly considered a gift to the youth exhibitor.

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